From our family to yours!

This idea is made with love.

Salomon and Cori arrived from Venezuela to the USA in 2015, leaving behind 2 restaurants and a gourmet cracker factory


A dream with meaning...

After several jobs, they decided to start something new on their own.

One day Salomon had a dream and came up with the idea to create a fun place where people can enjoy the best shakes of the world.

So in 2018 they decided to hire a renowned pastry chef, as a friend of their childhood, Gabriela Bergoderi, to help them reach their main goal: to take the shakes to another level and to build something with meaning and love.

Then Elena Camps joined the team to take over the brand, and came up with the concept of:


Holy Shakes. Too Hot for Heaven, too Cool for Hell.

Then Salomon's sisters fell in love with the concept. Arlette and Lili joined Holy Shakes to complete the team, bringing a lot of new ideas, and taking over the finance and HR department of Holy Shakes.


So this is how our dream came true.

Since we started HOLY SHAKES we've been blessed and honored to receive support from all around the country (and world!)

We create HOLY SHAKES with the word family in mind, mainly because we are one, we believe in creating spaces for all, everyone's welcome here, our house is your house.

Holy Shakes is a place where anyone can feel joy, the moment you enter our space, you feel invaded by the energy, a truly magical place

Even in the most challenging of years, we managed to keep growing, and this is where it gets exciting! As of now, we have become a Franchise!!! Meaning we are opening new locations alongside partners who want to become a part of our family.

We are beyond excited for this new chapter, as we have been working very hard for it, making sure all the processes stay true to their foundations.

As we like to say (paraphrasing from Stevie Ray's lyrics):

"When this house is rocking, don't bother knocking, just come on in"